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Fax Package

We designed VIVO LINES fax system to seamlessly integrate into your daily business. You don't need an IT department to manage fax hardware and supplies. Your employees can be better organized, no matter where they are with affordable and reliable VIVO LINES fax solutions for the desktop, the Web, or smart phones. And as your business grows, VIVO LINES fax grows with you.

Included Features

  • Dedicated local or toll-free fax number
  • No setup fees; big value, small cost
  • Keep Your Existing Fax Number
  • Secure and Private
  • No Long Distance Charges
  • Grows with your business
  • Reliable and always ready – send or receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • Fax internationally to more than 170 countries
  • Send or receive faxes anywhere you have internet access


Plan 1

$ 4.99
Include 200 Page Fax

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Plan 2

$ 8.99
Include 500 Page Fax

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Plan 3

$ 16.99
Include 1000 Page Fax

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Plan 4

$ 29.99
Unlimited Page Fax

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  • Send, Receive, and Manage digital faxes from the desktop, web, or smartphone
  • Received you fax in email
  • Send fax form email
  • Send fax from fax machine
  • Received fax form fax machine.

A Real Fax Number :

A VIVOLINES Fax Number Is A Real Fax Number. VIVOLINES Offers Toll Free And Local Fax Numbers At No Additional Cost. Choose Your Fax Number Now, Or Check Availability.

Easy As Email :

VIVOLINES Requires No Hardware Or Software. All You Need Is Internet Access, An Email Address, And AVIVOLINES Account.

A Phone System That Grows When You Grow :

One Of The Challenges When Purchasing A Phone System Is Sizing It To Meet Your Future Needs. You Run The Risk Of Overspending And May Still Miss The Mark, Or Under Spending And Need A Full Replacement In The Future. Hosted Voip Removes All Of Those Risks, As You Only Need To Purchase The Number Of Handsets You Need Today. As You Grow, You Simply Add A Handset. If You Downsize, We Can Take Phones Out Of Service. Thus, Your Phone System Will Always Be Sized To Your Business. Additionally, As Time Goes On, We Will Continue To Introduce New Handsets And Features To The Platform, Keeping Your System On The Cutting Edge Of Technology.

Never Miss Another Fax :

VIVOLINES Goes Where You Go. Your VIVOLINES Number Is Tied To Your Email, So You Can Fax From Home, Work, And While Traveling - Anywhere You Access The Internet.

Real Savings :

VIVOLINES Eliminates The Need For A Fax Machine, Fax Supplies (Paper, Ink, And Toner), A Separate Phone Line For Faxing, And Costly Maintenance. It Saves You Money.

Start Faxing Now :

Choose Your Plan, Pick Your Number, And You're Done! Your Fax Number Is Ready To Use As Soon As You Order. Get VIVOLINES Fax Now.

Get A Number Or Bring Your Own :

VIVOLINES Uses A Dedicated Fax Number Either In Your Community Or Toll-Free Number For A National Reach. Already Have A Fax Number? In Most Cases You Can Transfer It To VIVOLINES.

Secure and Private :

VIVOLINES Uses The Strongest Sal Encryption Protection Available And Faxes Are Sent Directly To And From Your Password-Protected Account So Information Stays Confidential. Paper Copies Aren't Left Sitting On An Unsecure Fax Machine. For Enhanced Security, Dedicated Point-To-Point Virtual Private Network (Vpn) Solutions Are Also Available.

Download Reports :

Download Reports As Csv Files And Easily Import Them Into Your Favorite Spreadsheet Program For Expense Reports.

Support for Popular Formats :

Send Attachments From Nearly All Windows- Based Software Programs, Including Image Formats (Tiff, Png, Jpegs, And More), Adobe Pdfs, Documents, And Spreadsheets.

Always On, Always Ready :

Our 99.9% Reliability Means No Worries About Your Fax Solution. Your Customer's Faxes Always Reach You without Busy Signals Even When Receiving Multiple Faxes Simultaneously

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